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Carnival Rides & Games

Fun, Fun, Fun! What else can you say about Carnival Rides and games. We have over 30 rides including the Giant Wheel, Thunder Bolt, Tilt-A-Whirl, Touch Down, power surge, Rock Star, Yo Yo, Zipper and a variety of kiddy ride


Cabana vip (new)

The all new Festival Cubano VIP Experience. Enjoy our premier VIP Lounges with direct stage sight-lines to see your favorite artist without obstructions. Massage chairs, 80s arcade games, Swimming pool, balcony seating with a clear view overseeing the festival grounds and much more.


Hand Rolled Cigars

Premium cigars are hand-rolled on site by Master Cigar Makers from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The cigars are made using the finest Cuban-shredded tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.


Classic Vintage Cars

If there’s a product Cuba is famous for other than cigars – it’s cars. We have over 15 Vintage 1950s -70s classics. Come see these vintage beauty’s such as, the 1957 Chevy Bel Air, 1950s Ford Fairlane, 1960s Ford Falcon and 1959 Chevy Impala



The game of dominoes is the national game of Cuba. For many, the game is a daily social event that combines competition with camaraderie. In all of Cuba, Double Nine (55-piece dominoes) is the most widely played version of dominoes. At Festival Cubano the stakes are high as players compete for cash prizes, trophy’s and bragging rights.


Music & Dance Workshops

Join top instructors from the Old town school of folk music in this dynamic 101 workshops of dance and music. Learn how to play congas and timbales and dance to the sounds of Cuban and other Latin rhythms   


The Boxing Corner

Organized by Israel Gonzalez, founder of the NEIU Boxing Club and Izzy Duz It Fitness, a program designed to promote health and wellness through boxing, kickboxing, total body conditioning and toning. The corner will feature a series of matches among local boxing champions

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